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Supporting Aboriginal People & Communities

We work across Community, Government, Business and Corporate to connect you to Aboriginal Artist who can bring authentic Aboriginal artwork and stories to your project or product.


Malang's CEO and the program Coordinator, Saretta Fielding is an international artist who has a heart for people and her community and a passion to create viable pathways that bring opportunity to her fellow artists.


 Her passion for Culture and the arts has led to a successful art business and seen Saretta go on to established Malang (meaning together) Indigenous Corporation to provide the vehicle to champion her fellow artists.


 Deliverables include:  Infrastructure, Interior and Exterior building installations, Corporate Uniforms, Gifts - commemorative and corporate, signage and promotional needs. 

Malang Indigenous Corporation is a recently formed organisation that seeks to provide culturally appropriate and responsive services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The organisation has commenced services and support that is linked to the core expertise of its board of directors and leadership team.

Malang's service delivery will be based on fee for service payments, grants 

and government funding. 

Malang Indigenous Corporation’s customer base is across a range of Individuals, other Non-government agencies, Aboriginal Land Councils, government agencies including Family & Community Services and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

• Art Workshops

• Artist mentoring and product development
• Cultural planning and support for individuals, groups and community.
• Advocacy 
• Linkages
• Family and Kin Connections 
 • Cultural Awareness training
• Business development consultancy 
• Business Training and Mentoring

Creating pathways and enhancing opportunity towards sustainable economic and social inclusion for Aboriginal people. Contributing to closing the gap, championing individuals towards reaching their potential with a focus on holistic wellbeing.

The leadership team at Malang maintain extensive local, regional, state and national networks that enable them to deliver a suite of services and support that links with local community.


Malang Indigenous Corporation has the agility and networks to respond to and tailor responses that are bespoke to the needs of individuals, groups and organisations that require support across training, linkages and assistance.

In 2016 Saretta Art & Design established Malang Indigenous Corporation, a not for profit organisation, bringing the skill and experience of the Saretta Art & Design team together to champion social investment into our community.  Working towards creating pathways and enhancing opportunity towards sustainable economic and social inclusion for Aboriginal people and contributing to closing the gap, championing individuals towards reaching their potential with a focus on holistic wellbeing.

We offer a full range of specialist Aboriginal designed promotional products, stationery, printing, office artwork, signage and installation (examples of work available on enquiry).  We provide the opportunity to create unique visuals across these areas through the incorporation of personally designed or licensed Aboriginal artwork. 

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